Legitimacy and community in writer-land

My last status report here was as the #5amWritersClub virtual retreat was starting: Unforgettable Characters and Incredible Journeys. The retreat blew me away, and it's taken me all this time to find myself back on shore. Exactly as I expected, it helped me see my novel-in-progress from new perspectives. It gave me tools for understanding … Continue reading Legitimacy and community in writer-land

It’s a Novel Writing Marathon – And You’re Invited!

The 2021 virtual Muskoka Novel Marathon sounds amazing. Read more, including how to register, in Kevin Craig’s post.


It’s time, once again, to register for the annual MUSKOKA NOVEL MARATHON!

I have been attending this event for years! Pride Must Be A Place was written at a Muskoka Novel Marathon.

Every July, for 72 hours, a group of 40 or so writers have gotten together in the small but glorious northern Ontario town of Huntsville. Every July, they hole up in a space together and they each attempt to write a novel over the course of a three-day weekend.

THIS YEAR it’s the 20th Anniversary of this event!

Some of the 2017 Muskoka Novel Marathon writers!

Sadly, it’s also the 2nd year that the writers aren’t quite getting together. At least, not in the same way. Last year was our very first ONLINE EDITION. And this year will be our second online marathon.

There are AWARDS handed out for BEST NOVEL in Adult and Young Adult/Juvenile categories. A…

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#5amWritersClub Virtual Retreat—Weekly Writing Prompt—‘Corners’ Your main character has painted themself into a corner. What does the corner look like? Is it a plot corner where they take a risk by moving in any direction? Is it an emotional corner where they take an internal risk? Is it both? How will they get out? This … Continue reading Corners