Launch day for ‘She’ in Feline Utopia Anthology

Folks, it's here! I hope you'll enjoy my flash fiction, 'She', in Feline Utopia Anthology, edited by Louise Mather. Many wonderful artists and writers have filled these pages with their odes to all aspects of the fabulous felines they have known and loved. (There's also a photo of my two cats, Mabel and Hazel, taken … Continue reading Launch day for ‘She’ in Feline Utopia Anthology

Watch this space for “She”!

Launching in five days! Click to download Feline Utopia Anthology, a collection of art, poetry, and fiction edited and published by Louise Mather, available on 10 April 2021. I'm honoured to have my flash fiction, "She," in this anthology, and to have commissioned this vibrant original art by Evelyn Rogers to capture the energy of … Continue reading Watch this space for “She”!

Three brushes with death

#5amWritersClub Virtual Retreat—Weekly Writing Prompt—‘Brush With Death’ Every character has had some brush with death in their history. Perhaps they were a witness to an accident, maybe they saved someone, or they almost died. Whatever it was, these moments often shape a character's point of view. Write a scene where your character either experiences a … Continue reading Three brushes with death

It’s a Novel Writing Marathon – And You’re Invited!

The 2021 virtual Muskoka Novel Marathon sounds amazing. Read more, including how to register, in Kevin Craig’s post.


It’s time, once again, to register for the annual MUSKOKA NOVEL MARATHON!

I have been attending this event for years! Pride Must Be A Place was written at a Muskoka Novel Marathon.

Every July, for 72 hours, a group of 40 or so writers have gotten together in the small but glorious northern Ontario town of Huntsville. Every July, they hole up in a space together and they each attempt to write a novel over the course of a three-day weekend.

THIS YEAR it’s the 20th Anniversary of this event!

Some of the 2017 Muskoka Novel Marathon writers!

Sadly, it’s also the 2nd year that the writers aren’t quite getting together. At least, not in the same way. Last year was our very first ONLINE EDITION. And this year will be our second online marathon.

There are AWARDS handed out for BEST NOVEL in Adult and Young Adult/Juvenile categories. A…

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Dog Church: a memoir by Gail Gilmore

Book review: Dog Church by Gail Gilmore. "Words meant to be consumed by the heart" I’m so very glad to have read Dog Church, by Gail Gilmore. Its words are, indeed, meant to be consumed by the heart, and any heart that has known the love and loss of an animal will find itself … Continue reading Dog Church: a memoir by Gail Gilmore


#5amWritersClub Virtual Retreat—Weekly Writing Prompt—‘Corners’ Your main character has painted themself into a corner. What does the corner look like? Is it a plot corner where they take a risk by moving in any direction? Is it an emotional corner where they take an internal risk? Is it both? How will they get out? This … Continue reading Corners


Get ready for launch day! My flash fiction, "She", is in the powerful and delightful Feline Utopia Anthology, a collection of art, poetry, and fiction, edited and published by Louise Mather and available for free download on 10 April 2021. Catch the trailer here! "She" - Original art by Evelyn Rogers for my flash fiction, … Continue reading She

This is the day I die

I'm thrilled to have my story, "This is the day I die," published in the Heroic Care anthology by Words Unbound Books. The ebook is available for pre-order now, and the paperback launches on April 28/21. Edited by Betsy Ellor, this collection features 43 stories, poems, micro-fiction, art, and comics.