Wishful thinking

I want to see your heart. I want to peel away your shirt: open the buttons, one by one, lift the fabric from your chest, lay my head on your skin. Listen. Listen, then look deep, deep, into the caves where your secrets lie. I want to make sure, in the caverns where you keep your loved ones, there is a small effigy of me.


4 thoughts on “Wishful thinking

  1. Jesus.* That is astoundingly gorgeous and powerful and all kinds of wonderful, and I love it, and wish it were mine. Which now, in some small way, it will be, now that I have read it. It expresses perfectly — beyond perfectly really — the rumblings of my own heart with regard to a certain H-named person. Thank you for giving me a voice for these feelings, my friend. Thank you.

    *One of my rabbis (not MY rabbi, but one of the other ones, whom I also like a good bit) said “Jesus!” to me in response to my parade of horribles when I met with her a few weeks ago. It gave me such great comfort to hear her say it, such that I don’t feel awkward at all about continuing to use the phrase at appropriate moments now, despite my new-Jew status. 😉


    1. And to think I was shy to post this one. I’m glad I finally did so.

      Jesus! used to be my most common exclamation, and I trained myself somewhat out of it when I was a member of the JCC gym. I thought it could sound offensive. Well now. I’m comforted that one of your rabbis used it too.


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