Launch day for ‘She’ in Feline Utopia Anthology

Folks, it's here! I hope you'll enjoy my flash fiction, 'She', in Feline Utopia Anthology, edited by Louise Mather. Many wonderful artists and writers have filled these pages with their odes to all aspects of the fabulous felines they have known and loved. (There's also a photo of my two cats, Mabel and Hazel, taken … Continue reading Launch day for ‘She’ in Feline Utopia Anthology

Rooster’s big day

Rooster opens an eye. Dark. Of course. Gently, he ruffles his feathers, shifts his feet, opens both eyes. Clears his throat. Big day ahead. As usual. He will eat and drink later: now, there's work to do. He hears movement and knows the black hen is peering toward him. She likes to watch him work, … Continue reading Rooster’s big day