Waking to the world

Last month, I moved. From a 14-year sojourn in a house in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, with a large vegetable garden, mature trees, and friendly neighbours, within walking distance of shopping centres, bars, and the library, from this place that had always treated me well but always felt too jangled for my soul, my spouse … Continue reading Waking to the world

Five Reasons to Love the Long Nights of Winter

After a bright afternoon’s quickening light To be cradled by dusk, Its slowly sit-down darkening To contemplate the softening outline of the old cat Curled warm on your grey-trousered lap To watch the women and men with briefcases and backpacks Walk from the bus toward darkened houses To see a glow appear here or there … Continue reading Five Reasons to Love the Long Nights of Winter

Another day of grace

I want another day to walk on the earth another day to dream big dreams to believe life can be whatever I ask for to think I will live forever I want another day to pet the cats change a flat tire get impatient with my lover burn the cookies another day to complain how … Continue reading Another day of grace

Another day

Another day with the sun in the sky, and the earth turning round it Light easing through the slatted blinds Neighbours' voices floating in Cars slipping by Purple bendy straw in my glass, shifting in the fan's air The world cannot be any other way My bedroom, sanctuary Of old, beloved things Seen from the … Continue reading Another day

The Farm RR1

Look at the earth stacked beneath us. Did you forget how solidly we are supported, how much sun and sky, how much rain and rock and sharp collisions of matter have shaped this planet so that we, with our farms and wishes, can perch on fertile ground and send our small roots, our potatoes and … Continue reading The Farm RR1

The Travelling Onion

To the Muses, with love, 2005 "And I would never scold the onion for causing tears."* The onion does what it does. We each must live this way. The small tears you have caused me the days of laughter they are of my own making yet they are yours; you must love the way you … Continue reading The Travelling Onion

A poem written under the influence of Billy Collins*

Sitting on the sofa, staring at the perfect flames; the two cats, having argued over who gets the lap and who the haunch, now settled in their places; I'm thinking about a perfect life, which is what this looks like. Rain drums on the roof and falls in waves from that one place where the … Continue reading A poem written under the influence of Billy Collins*