Another day of grace

I want another day to walk on the earth
another day to dream big dreams
to believe life can be whatever I ask for
to think I will live forever

I want another day
to pet the cats
change a flat tire
get impatient with my lover
burn the cookies
another day to complain how hard it is to live
a good life


Another day

Another day with the sun in the sky, and the earth turning round it
Light easing through the slatted blinds

Neighbours’ voices floating in
Cars slipping by

Purple bendy straw in my glass, shifting in the fan’s air
The world cannot be any other way

My bedroom, sanctuary
Of old, beloved things

Seen from the same angle
Dependable, year after year

Beneath the patina of familiar finger grease
New perspectives lurking

Give it a shine with a sideways glance
Spread by the steady cloth of attention

And see the change that ripples up
The world cannot be any other way