One by one,

One by one,
winter lifts its long fingers from the deep freeze
where they have grown, collecting crystals
month by month

with its diamond file
sharpens them precisely then slips out to
test an edge on the skin of our necks
and back it goes

sitting in the shimmering dark
wearing the glimmer of a smile
as it hones and shapes, and the wind
comes calling


4 thoughts on “One by one,

  1. Brrrrr!!! But bringing out the favorite mitts, wooly scarves, cozy socks – sitting by the fire wrapped in a blanket , rosy cheeks whipped by the wind & that sinful cup of hot chocolate with a touch of brandy. OK I’m ready for spring!
    I look forward to your poems – thank you for sharing.


    1. But you make winter sound so inviting! And today is the first snow day, aren’t you glad you got out those warm and cozy clothes? I always appreciate your comments, thank you, Ruth!


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