Win a Free Dognition Assessment!

My neighbour and fellow blogger Petkid has a cool contest on his blog: you could win a free Dognition personality assessment for your dog! Read and comment for your chance to win!

Petkid: One kid's blogging adventure

Hi everybody!dognition-logo I’m going to be doing a Dognition Assessment give away! Before you read more, go and read my previous post all about Dognition and dog psychology.

I’m doing this give away because I want to learn more about different dogs and compare them to my four-year old labrador retriever, named Reggie.

What you get

The winner of this giveaway will get a free Dognition assessment for their dog valued at $19 (USD).

Click to see what kind of dog personality your dog could have! Click to see what kind of dog personality your dog could have!

To do the assessment, you will ideally need a tablet or small laptop with touch screen as you’ll be running tests that require timing and you’ll need to have the device to hand to submit your results. You will also need to know that you and someone else who is very patient can do the tests with your dog. These tests are really…

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