Another day of grace

I want another day to walk on the earth another day to dream big dreams to believe life can be whatever I ask for to think I will live forever I want another day to pet the cats change a flat tire get impatient with my lover burn the cookies another day to complain how … Continue reading Another day of grace

Snow Globe

The changes that can take place between the first and final versions of a poem astound me. Sometimes in my poetry journals I am lucky to find both preserved. Here are two approaches from 2010 to a snow-filled morning: haiku, version 2; and the original poem, version 1. It was my year of writing daily … Continue reading Snow Globe

Match girl

There's the polished moon again hanging in its velvet sky, and the stars in party clothes-- every sunset's a new occasion to haul out the jewels. The night's a rich affair invitation only and I linger on the sidewalk like a match girl skirting the houses of the wealthy with their bright lights, laughter, and … Continue reading Match girl