From the fishpond

I. Seasons (A poem in four linked haiku) We orange, we silver, we brazen dazzlers twisting around Summer's knees: gold torpedoes flirt with air and blue sky, black bugs sucked from water's lip into hungry throats. A daily feast of algae. We grow fat. But now comes Fall. Beware - and clupe with bulging eye … Continue reading From the fishpond

Those tenacious tendrils

Squash plants: how the tendrils cling fiercely to the nearest thing persistently insinuating yet with the merest touch. Climbing up the chain link fence their daintiness is all pretense the weight they hold - it makes no sense! They're strong as Jean Valjean. Melons, gourds, meaty orange Hubbards will soon be resting in our cupboards … Continue reading Those tenacious tendrils

Mabelline the dancing queen

was real sweet, she didn't mean to make a mess, but when she saw the earth, she couldn't stop her paw from digging down and shovelling up mountains of the rich, wet stuff until the plant sagged toward the ground and silt and soil piled all around. Then, with her tail puffed up for joy, … Continue reading Mabelline the dancing queen